Introduction from Superintendent Dr. Paul Gothold


Equity holds the promise of making our educational systems work for every student. That’s why the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) created the Equity Blueprint for Action, to provide responsive and evolving equity-centered tools and resources to support educators and our students.

This is a simple, but impactful document that aligns equity work to the California Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) priorities and California School Dashboard. It focuses on going beyond the minimum requirement and investing in our educators for the future of our students.

All students are deserving of a world-class education with high expectations from caring adults who love and support them. But the fact is, our school systems were not designed to support all students, such as those experiencing poverty or students whose first language isn’t English, and we see too many kids falling through the cracks.

We consistently hear from students that they want to see more diverse perspectives and examples of positive contributions — from their cultures and others — in their classrooms and curriculum. Students want to be seen and understood as they seek to see and understand others.

We’re also listening to our community members and extending our hand in partnership to agencies and organizations that have the same vision of equity. For the Equity Blueprint for Action, SDCOE received input from our advisory groups: the Equity Network with voices from stakeholders and community members including American Indian educators, scholars, and advocates; the African American Advisory Group facilitated in conjunction with the Association of African American Educators; and the Latinx Advisory Group led together with San Diego State University faculty.

We are also fortunate to have Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who has championed these efforts at the state level. As an assembly member in 2018, Weber was integral in securing funding for the California Department of Education equity grant program, of which SDCOE was one of the grant recipients and able to deepen our equity work.

Reimagining schools is a collective effort and this is our opportunity to act on research-based best practices and strategies offered by our communities to better support all students. Together we can ensure high expectations for every student while showing respect and honor for the unique cultures and perspectives of our young people. Educational equity is a huge undertaking, but it’s within our power to make the world a better place for our youth today and in the future.

In service of our students,

Dr. Paul Gothold
San Diego County Superintendent of Schools

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